Are your sleeves too long or too short on your Sport Coat? We can help with that! Our seamstress
has been sewing for us for over 20 years!  Just come on in during business hours and we can pin
them for her to see. You will look like a professional when you wear a suit that fits correctly.


Did you buy a new dress and it’s too long? Or do you have a dress that you would like to change the length of? Well altering clothes is our specialty!

Go ahead and buy that dress that’s too long and then bring it in to us and we will have you put it on and pin it so that it’s the correct length. Once we hem it, you will be styling!


Hemming jeans is an every day thing at Babbel’s! No matter what kind of jeans you buy, we can hem them and make them look the same as when you bought them.

Come on in and try them on for us or pin them at home and bring them in. Either way, we can take care of it for you.

Shortening Sleeves on Shirts & Blouses

Do the sleeves of your shirt or top look sloppy? That’s where we come in. Did you know that Babbel Cleaners can shorten or lengthen the sleeves on shirts, blouses, dresses and even coats? We can even shorten the body part of your garment so it’s not so long! All you have to do is come in and use our dressing room so we can pin them for you. That’s it! The seamstress will do the rest.
And when she’s done, your garment will fit you like it should.


Did you know that we replace zippers in clothes? Whether it’s your coat, coveralls, dress, skirt, Levi’s or dress slacks, we’ve done it all! You don’t even need to worry about getting the zipper.

We have everything on hand to do it. Just drop it off with us and we will match up the zipper and put a new one in!

Yes, we do simple jobs!

We can repair all of that and then some.

Drop your garment off with us and let us take care of those small jobs for you.

Customer Impressions

” The staff at Babbel’s Cleaners is always so nice no matter how “needy” you’re being, and they give you a clear evaluation for special jobs, not just a quote. They definitely know what they are talking about and only let trained experts touch your fine linens or draperies. I have also never felt any pressure to say yes to a quote, even if they provided free pick up and delivery of something. If i’m not ready, they are professional about it then and sound just as happy to hear from me the next time I call. ” – Jessica Anders