Experience the Best

Babbel’s Cleaners has been in business since 1938. We have been cleaning business and leisure clothing for our customers for many generations. We clean bedding, sleeping bags, wedding gowns, prom and bridesmaid dresses, dress shirts, pillows, needlework, Afghans, drapes and curtains, handbags, shoes, hats, ties, and even heavy starch those jeans and shirts that so many people like to wear!

Since 1938, Babbel’s Cleaners has been here to help you look your best! We care how you look! We pride ourselves on serving our customers and making them feel like their part of our family.

If you have any questions, please give us a call at 208-733-2258 and we will do our best to help!

Items we dry-clean:

We can clean almost any garment of clothing as well as do alterations.

Too Busy To Get To The Cleaners?

Babbel’s is here to help our customers and community. We offer Pick Up & Delivery. Either at your place of business or your home. All we require is that you stay on our weekly route & spend $25.00/month with us. For more information call us at 208-733-2258



Are your sleeves too long or too short on your sport coat? We can help with that! Our seamstress has been sewing for us for over 20 years! Just come on in during business hours and we can pin them for her to see. You will look like a professional when you wear a suit that fits correctly.


K4 Solvent

Babbel's uses K4 solvent. This cleaning solution is a Halogen free organic solvent with a pureness greater than 99%. It has an excellent cleaning performance which is a huge plus to a drycleaner. It is recycled in the dry cleaning machine. So there is a lot less waste released in the atmosphere. We are 100% for doing the proper procedures in keeping our community safe. Our community means a lot Babbel's and we pride ourselves by being able to offer this "green" method of cleaning

Less Solution Waste

Our cleaning system reduces most solution waste. Because this system produces 100% clean solution for each load, it can be purified many more times before being discarded.